Scuba Diving!

Pro Dive Mauritius!
Pro Dive Mauritius!

We woke up at 7 and headed down to the Scuba Diving school to meet our instructor Norman, who looked like Morgan Freeman, my suit was pretty big for me as I’m only 5’3″ so water got into my suit when we first went into the pool (which was 10,00000x colder than the sea), but it didn’t matter because we were seeing fishes!!

The training in the pool was reassuring, breathing was easy, to get water out of the mask was easy, to stop ears from popping was easy, we just wanted to get out there! We got into the dingy which took us to the Pro Diving boast. On the boat we met a lovely retired British couple from Middlesbrough and they were halfway through making their Scuba Diving tour of the world, their previous stop being Thailand. Not to all: this is what retired life should be like!

Racasse Volante Commune
Racasse Volante Commune

The boat dropped them off at their site, then it was onto ours, Loums and I were the only two people that outing which made it incredibly special. It was amazing, the colour of the reef was breathtaking, Norman took a video while we were down there and it did not do the colours justice! To be amongst that many varieties of fish was amazing, as Norman grew up in Mauritius and became an instructor from quite a young age, he knew all the nooks and crannies to find different species that we would’ve missed otherwise.


The best part was when a turtle came past us! Apparently she was a she, and she was majestic and very big, and Norman held out my hand so I could touch her, although our lovely British couple told me off for doing so and I promised never to do it again. We were down there for about 45 minutes in total, which was perfect as we got to see so so much, so many fish from ‘Finding Nemo’ were there, it’s almost as if the filmmakers based it on real life… Also just to see the different behaviours of each species was so interesting, I felt like a spectator on their everyday life, and none of them seemed to mind. Neither of us had any problems with breathing, it was just an absolutely unforgettable experience and all the blog posts and photos in the world won’t do it justice, just do it!

My main course - grilled Marlin with a cari and legumes on the side
My main course – grilled Marlin with a cari and legumes on the side.

After we came back up we had a cup of tea and a biscuit and talked with the other instructors while the boat took us back to shore. We then decided to continue the peacefulness of the day and not do anything too strenuous so we found our spot on Trou Aux Biches again, sunbathed, ate smoked marlin with red chili and lime baguettes (the best, we became frequent visitors of this place) and I bought spices and presents for my sisters. We stayed there until about 3, went back to the hotel to change for a v-e-r-y fancy meal at Tree Tops Restaurant which was absolutely incredible.

A lovely Mauritian band was playing nearby so we went down and danced, the band played ‘Grease’ – You’re The One That I Want, which we danced to and owned (or at least we thought we did). We then had a cocktail, walked around for a bit in a bubble of happy feels, talked about Scuba Diving, a lot, and went to bed.

"Under the seeeeeeea, under the seeeeea, darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from meeeeeee"
“Under the seeeeeeea, under the seeeeea, darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from meeeeeee”

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